Scope Statement Template

A scope statement, as the name suggests, is a part of a project statement which outlines the scope of a project. It takes into account the goals or objectives of the project, its deliverables or products as well as stakeholders, profiteers and all important details related to a project. It is usually composed before a work statement.

Sample Scope Statement Template

Project Name: ________________________________ [Mention the name of the project]

Nature of the project: ______________________________

Scope statement created by: ________________________________

Date of submission of scope statement: ________________________________ [Provide the relevant details about the project and the scope statement]

Scope statement commissioned by: ______________________________ [Mention the receiver of the scope statement of the project]

Objectives of the project:

  • Objective 1: ______________________________
  • Objective 2: ______________________________
  • Objective 3: _______________________________ [Mention a few of the goals that the project has set up and is desirous of fulfilling. This should provide an estimate of the scope of the project]

Costs of the project: _____________________________________ [Enumerate briefly, the costs of the project and show a break up of costs as well to ensure transparency]

Project deliverables:

  • Product 1: ________________________________________
  • Product 2: ________________________________________
  • Product 3: _________________________________________ [Enlist the project deliverables, which are the products that the project will deliver. This list should be written with an honest and practical bent of mind]

Risks associates with the project: __________________________________________ [Mention the risk areas of the project in the scope statement to take into account all aspects of it]

Milestones: ____________________________________ [Mention the importance of the project and how its successful completion will be momentous]

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