Scope Statement Letter

A scope statement letter is a document which outlines the purpose and vision embedded in a particular project or decision taken by an institution. Such a letter is written to a participant or key stakeholder of the project, in order to familiarize him with it. The scope statement must incorporate details of the project, its projected objective and the emphasis to be laid on it.

Sample Scope Statement Letter


The Managing Committee,

University Grants Body,

Ministry of Higher Education,

Washington DC

Subject: Scope Statement of Centre for Advanced Studies Project

Respected Members,

This letter is to appraise you of the scope and nature of our Centre for Advanced Studies Project in the English Renaissance, a part of our request for funds and clearances [please check attached documents]. This project was initiated after express permission of your ministry in 2011. We have prepared an outline of our key projects for the five year tenure, some of which include putting forth of international journals and publications, as well as undertaking extensive translation studies of key texts of this period. The funds and support we request from you have been clearly outlined in our budget plan attached along with this letter.

The scope of the project envisions a new dimension to Renaissance Studies in our country. This pioneering project involves the cooperation of leading luminaries in the field from across universities in the country. This involves a great deal of technical support as well as financial incentives which we hope you shall bear in mind while allocating funds for the project. Thanking you,

Diana Logan,


Centre for Advanced Studies, Dept. of English

University of Kentucky