Scope Statement Format

A scope statement is a document that clearly states the scope, plan and deliverables of a particular project. Therefore, it is very essential to construct a scope statement format effectively as this serves as a cornerstone of a successful project and also contains the important planning documents within a project management system.

Sample Scope Statement Format

Date of issuing the statement document __________________________

Scope statement prepared for the project _________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph should emphasize on the importance of the particular project by indentifying the significant strategies it depicts. One must ensure to provide extensive knowledge regarding the particular project as well. This must include the future scope of the project and what business needs and society’s requirements would be fulfilled by its implementation. In this paragraph, one should also mention the major deliverables of the project and give details regarding its final product or solution that it intends to create.

Second Paragraph: In this paragraph one should emphasize on criteria’s that would set judgment on the project’s success. For this one must highlight the significant objectives that the particular project has. Even in this paragraph one should discuss the constraints, assumptions or risks related to the project as well. By mentioning the affects it might face you can make your scope statement much more viable and clarified.

Third paragraph: The third paragraph must conclude or summarize the entire document as this helps to give it a presentable approach. Even through this way one can make the document more comprehensive and accessible.

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