Scope Services Statement

The scope services statement is a statement of work which is a formal document that states the type of work and the relevant details that must be executed by the company for the customer. This has details like requirements, time period of completion, prices, rules and regulations that must be followed etc. This is essentially a proposal statement that addresses fundamental aspects of the project.

The main aim is to clear out the purpose of the project. Next, the statement is required to have a work scope wherein all details and equipment required will be mentioned.  The statement needs to also provide location, delivery dates and also modes of payment to be made.  The scope services needs to be properly detailed as there may be problems which may arise from unseen loopholes. There should be proper structuring as well so that the company is able to understand the duties and functions.

Sample Scope Service Statement:

Name of Client: H. Y Munroe

Name of Company: UYIO Phones Ltd.

Scope Services Statement as follows: (Please ensure no delay is made as there will be penalties)

  • Object: To create dual SIMs for 4556 phone model.
  • Deliverables Schedule:  Within 5 months of receiving the statement, 3.4.2012
  • Applicable Standards: Should meet the model phone standards mentioned in the brief
  • Acceptance Criteria: Will be accepted only after through examination
  • Period of Performance: 2.1.2012 to 2.4.2012, with one month extension
  • Scope of Work: Manufacturing, detailing and packaging all need to be done for the dual SIM.
  • Location of Work: Has been mentioned in the product brief.
  • Special Requirements: The color should be red that will match the phone company Logo
  • Contract type and Payment Schedule: Payment will be made via online transfer. Then contract has been made as per your company requirements.