Scope Employment Statement

The scope employment statement is part of the contract of companies or individuals looking for specific jobs within a given field of work or project. What such a statement does is provide structure to the entire resume and provides the employer insight as to the sort employee the candidate will be within the company. This is essentially a contractual statement wherein the candidate seeks out employment only for a particular project or job.

The company or the client is required to go through the statement which has been specifically created so as to meet the requirements or demands of the project concerned. It is important to establish that the resources that will be provided by the client for the job will be sufficiently and properly handled. The statement is a way through which the company is able to provide a proper outline to the project that is needed to be handled.

Sample Scope Employment Statement:

Name of Client: Countries Antiques Ltd.

Name of Company: Stain Polishers US

Project Summary: The Company, as mentioned above, is looking for a certain steel polish which can be used in all kinds of metal antique pieces preferably those made of steel. This steel polish needs to be carefully manufactured. The lists of chemicals that can be used have been stated in the brief.

Project period: 2 to 3 months

Work to be covered:

  • Branding the polish after its manufacturing
  • Testing product thoroughly as mentioned in the brief.
  • Creating a market survey to realize scope of the product
  • Reporting periodically on the progress made till the finishing of the project

Delivery: Needs to be done as per the brief mentioned, preferably over day time.

Other requirements:

  • Please ensure a sample is sent for checking before delivery
  • Please do not delay by one week of the timeline given.