Science Teaching Statement

A science teaching statement is written by a teacher who wants to specifically apply for the post of a science teacher in an educational institution. By writing the teaching statement, the teacher lets the authorities know his goals and ambitions and what he wants to do in the field of teaching. He also discusses his approach to teaching children and how he plans to gain their interest and attention in the subject. A teaching statement is supposed to tell the employer know a bit about the applicant, his aspirations, strategies, skills, abilities, knowledge and past work experience so that they can make an informed decision based on all-round information.

Sample Science Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Ryan Collins

Date of Birth: 9/4/1980

School: St Matthews High School

Course Name/Code: Science

Application Number: 223

Teaching Statement:

I, Ryan Collins, wish to apply for the post of a middle school science teacher at your school. I love teaching children at the middle school level because they are full of enthusiasm and curiosity and the world of science needs exactly that. It is my goal to make them interested in this subject so that if they want to pursue science as part of their career, their foundations are clear from this level.

I have always been a diligent student and you can browse through my past academic achievements and work experience in my CV. I assure you I will do my best to encourage the students and make science concepts clear to them through theories, practicals, field trips and projects.

Thanking you,

Ryan Collins,