Sample Work Statement

A sample work statement is a document similar to that of a contract and is usually drafted as per rules and procedures of a standard regulatory body. The work statement is drafted between two parties where one is referred to as the service provider or vendor and the other referred to as the client. The work statement is also a sort of documentary evidence between both the parties and helps to sort out any differences arising between both the parties in the future.

Sample Work Statement

Statement of Work

This statement of work has been drafted as on this day of 21st of May 2012 between Sun Rise Technologies and GL Technical as per the Business Laws of the state of New Jersey

Parties involved:

Name of the client:  Sun Rise Technologies

Name of service provider: GL Technical

Purpose of the work statement:

As per the work statement GL Technical has to ensure that all the computers at the workplace of Sun Rise Technologies are in working condition. If any of the computers are damaged, they need to repair it and put new spare parts.

Place of service:

In order to provide service, GL Technical has to send their technical team to the office premise of Sun Rise Technologies which is located at 23 Tango Charlie Road, New York, New Jersey 4589.

Period of service:

GL Technical has to send their technical team by 30th of May 2012.

Remuneration involved:

GL Technical will be paid a total amount of $20000 for providing their service.