Sample Vision Statement

A sample vision statement is a guide to the proper way of writing vision statements. Vision statements are extremely important for all companies, enterprises etc. as they provide a scheme for the future which can be followed. A vision statement outlines the goals and aspirations of a company and it must thus be sufficiently inspiring and far reaching in its effects.

Sample Vision Statement:

Vision statement for Sam’s Sushi Bar

Date of submission of vision statement: 1st July 2011

Vision statement prepared by: Mike Newland and Jana Roberts.

First words: Sam’s Sushi is a premier sushi bar in the heart of Manhattan. It caters to an exclusive clientele who are educated about the benefits of sushi and the mind boggling range it offers. Sam’s Sushi intends to plug the gap that is still prevalent as far as authentic Japanese cuisine is concerned.

Our vision: In five years we expect to be the best sushi bar in the country as we have the expertise in the form of our head chef Sam Daniel and his crew of extremely talented and innovative chefs to give sushi the necessary boost as well as publicity that it surely deserves. Sushi is high on health content and that is all the leverage we need to push it up the charts as far as desirability is concerned. Sam Daniels is specially trained in the art of sushi making as well as being a Michelin starred chef.

We hope: To expand after consolidating our base. Right now, we have one outlet in Manhattan but based on the response we get, this number will surely increase in the coming years.

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