Sample Teaching Statement

A teaching statement is written by a teacher or an aspiring teacher who wants to present his goals, ambitions and teaching strategies in order to get a job in an educational institution. When someone applies for a job, he can increase his chances of getting the job by making an impression through a teaching statement. Here one gets a chance to write about his or her skills, abilities, academic achievements and past work experience which will give the employer an idea of what the candidate is capable of. By writing how he or she plans to go about the process of teaching in the statement, the teacher shares his vision with the school and gives a glimpse of his ambition.

Sample Teaching Statement:

Name of teacher: Cary Grant

Date of Birth: 3/2/1980

College/University: Wisconsin Community College

Course Name/Code: 92221

Application Number: M954

Teaching Statement:

I, Cary Grant, wish to apply as the Physics teacher at your college for the academic year 2012-2017. I have always wanted to teach and this is my opportunity to show my skills and abilities. I love my subject and want to share my knowledge with others so that I can instill a passion for the subject in them.

Working at your college will give me a chance to meet young, bright minds and I hope to encourage them to be more involved in the subject so that they can pursue their studies further. I graduated with honors and have also published two papers in the US Physics Journal.

Thank you for considering my application,

Cary Grant,