Sample Statement Letter

The sample statement letter is used for the purpose of describing the reasons for applying for a specific academic program, institution, job position etc. This letter is more often professional but can also be personal depending on where the applicant is applying. Such a letter must elaborate on what the objectives and aims of the applicant are. A nicely drafted sample statement letter increases the chances of selection.

Sample Statement Letter:



Prof. Willis,

Department of Linguistic Studies,

University of Wisconsin,

Wisconsin- 12

Subject: Applying for the Masters in Linguistics for the academic year 2011 to 2013

Dear Sir,

I, Rita Wilson, have currently graduated in English Literature from the Wisconsin Community College, 2011. I am aware of the highly reputed department of Linguistics of your university and would like to apply for the Masters course.

I have been deeply passionate about language and have studied extensively about the various strands of language studies starting from Ferdinand de Saussure to modern Structuralism. I would like to pursue this even further and your department is the perfect platform through which I can strengthen my foundation. I want to establish myself within this academic field and for this purpose; I need the guidance of the accomplished and exceptionally brilliant faculty members of your institution.

I have always been ambitious and have participated in different language programs during my undergraduate years in college. I have also been part of the international summer school at the University of Edinburgh with a special paper on linguistics.

I look forward to a positive response.


Rita Wilson