Sample Scope Statement

A sample scope statement is a document which serves as a guide to the framing of a scope statement. A scope statement is usually prepared before the commencement of a project in order to provide an estimate of its scope, its vision, its objectives and the risks associated with it. A scope statement should be prepared by a person well acquainted with the nature of the project.

Sample Scope Statement

Name of the project: Siam’s Baby Shoppe

Nature of project:

  • This project, the last of the Siam’s Line of clothes and other accessories, is meant to hit the market with the launch of its retail outlet in New York on 12th May 2016.
  • The project aims at providing top quality infant care products for a wealthy clientele.
  • The outlet will stock up on exclusive clothes as well as other accessories like cribs, doll’s houses, and skin-care and food products.
  • All in all it will offer a one stop shop for anything an infant might need.

Project deliverables:

  • The project aims at catering to the niche clientele who are familiar with designer baby products and are desirous of having a shop that answers their needs right in the heart of New York’s upscale Mapleton.
  • We expect to break even within the first year itself. Project estimates are shown in the form of graphs in the attached document.

Project success criteria: We hope to have a successful outing as our brand name will combine with an already present clientele to give us an initial boost that should suffice for the first few years.

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