Sample Sales Statement

A sample sales statement is a record which defines the way in which a product aims to be sold by a particular company or agency or a wing of a company. It must accentuate the benefits of the goods and should state why a particular mode of selling must be used for it. Usually, a sales statement helps to boost a company in the market, to pitch for it in order to grab initial funds. Hence, it must be attractive; but at the same time, concise and precise.

Sample Sales Statement:

The following is a sales statement prepared by The Wanderer, an eminent name in online travel companies. Constantly spreading our business in the U.S. and the world, we aim to remain trustworthy, efficient and transparent with our customers, fulfilling their varied demands and necessities. We intent to augment our business based on our strengths which are:

  • A plethora of both online and offline services.
  • Our moderate charges and systematic discounts as well as through-the-year discounts for senior citizens.
  • We have offices and customer service centres in all cities of the U.S. as well as in different parts of Europe and Asia.
  • Travel guides on demand for every location is available and are provided to our customers.

Throughout all these years of business, we have managed to secure many long standing customers and we hope to continue the same in the years to come. We continue to take people to the places they love to see in the minimum of cost and in an absolutely hassle-free manner.