Sample Resume Statement

A successful and well constructed resume always contain statement either in the form of career objective or as any declaration. Sample resume statement helps to create a clear and succinct look to the resume being more specific in stating a particular matter.

Sample Resume Statement 1: Acquiring a position in ABC Company where I can maximize my skills of product development, quality assurance, management and can utilize my training experience at its best.

Sample Resume Statement 2: To secure a position in a repute company on a stable working environment that would expose me to various challenges. Moreover, I am looking for a position that would help me to widen my career in a broader aspect.

Sample Resume Statement 3: All the details declared in the resume are being stated with my full consciousness and knowledge. If any information is found to be contradictory or suppressed then my resume could be rejected or my job offer can also be cancelled. In that case I would not be liable for taking any legal action against the company.

Sample Resume Statement 4: I declare that the information mentioned here in my resume is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed or distorted. If at any time I am found to have concealed / distorted any material information, my appointment shall be liable for termination without notice or compensation.

Sample Resume Statement 5: To acquire a position in an esteemed company through which I can utilize my skills at its best for the company’s progress.

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