Sample Research Statement

A sample research statement is a written record that serves as a model or illustration of the various aspects of a particular research project. The format of the document should be such that it clearly states all the important details and reports of the respective research work and is made transparent before all the participants of the research project as well as the investors, creditors, advisors, commissioners, and other individuals and organizations involved in the research work.

Sample Research Statement:

Title: “Effect of family environment on the mental and physical health of children”

Research conducted by: Jennifer Rose

[Chief Editor, New World Journal]

Research Statement:

This research work basically deals with the impact the family and the members there have on the growth and upbringing of a child and the development of his mental faculties as well. A crucial part of a person’s career is determined by his family background and the assessment of such factors must be started from a very early stage, to ensure that even the slightest of problems are dealt with at the earliest lest they worsen beyond repair. A proper and thorough psychoanalysis of a child needs to be conducted by his parents who can even take the help of experts, if need be. The various basic requirements and amenities to be provided to a child must be determined based on the analysis reports that are specific to the child. The characteristics of the child must be studied thoroughly, and corresponding records jotted down carefully. The approach for guidance and teaching should be adopted as per the suitability of the respective child.

Date of submission: 18.12.2011