Sample Personal Statement

A sample personal statement is a document which indicates an individual’s choices and the reasons for those choices. It can be used for a variety of purposes, one of the chief being as a gauge for judging a candidate during college admissions. A personal statement is a testament to individual’s goals and plans which are relevant to the situation for which it is desired.

Sample Personal Statement

Personal Details:-

Name: Angelina Morton

Subject: English

Course: M.A. in English, specializing in the Renaissance

College: Jesus College, Oxford

Personal Statement:-

I want to pursue this course not just because I am deeply passionate about the subject but because I truly believe that I will be able to make a lasting contribution to the gamut of research being done in the sphere of the English Renaissance. Not only has this section of British Literature offered a treasure trove of material for scholars over centuries, it has also been one of the most fruitful periods with myriad trends and aspects that can be explored.

My choice of college too is quite obvious, as Jesus College has a tradition of offering excellent facilities to students wanting to pursue a Masters degree in English. I hope to be a part of the illustrious tradition of Oxford and give myself the edge when it comes to research through dedication and sincerity. There is no alternative to hard work and the opportunity to study at oxford is a dream coming true. I hope to make the best of this opportunity and to contribute substantially to the world of academia.

Thanking you,

Angelina Morton,

New York.

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