Sample Method Statement

A sample method statement is a document which charts the manner in which a work will be conducted and the risks associated with that work. Often, in highly hazardous jobs, a method statement specific to the job which outlines all the risks and corrective measures, is compulsory. In many cases, the law is called into the fray to make method statements a must.

Sample Method Statement 1: Obtaining all the necessary permits from the concerned authorities for blasting in the specified area. Without permission, the blasting cannot take place. Also, since the job is a hazardous one, method statements must be submitted to the concerned authorities.

Sample Method Statement 2: The workers will all be made aware of the risks in the blasting site. They will be provided with tested protective gear like goggles, hats, safety boots and steel aprons which will provide protection against flying debris, chunks of rocks, and glass. For prevention of shock due to noise, ear mufflers shall also be provided.

Sample Method Statement 3: Electric supply will be provided to the area. Blasting of substrate is a job that requires constant vigil and continuous electricity. We have obtained permission to extend electrical lines to the area. The work shall be supervised by our best engineers and every protection shall be taken.

Sample Method Statement 4: We have also undertaken to remove the waste material that will be produced as a result of the blasting procedure. The area in which the blasting can take place is 10000 square feet, on the eastern front of the River Hudson.

Sample Method Statement 5: After the blasting job, the remaining debris collected will be disposed of in a suitable manner adhering to environmental pollution structures.

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