Sample Medical Statement

The sample medical statement is an example of how doctors issue statements for patients for various reasons such as for warning the company employees of the possible health hazards of a certain activity or for deeming a student fit or unfit for attending classes etc. This is a commonly used method through which information is imparted related to the individual patient’s medical conditions or sometimes as a form of personal affirmation. This is also a way through which an individual patient can gain the required treatment. It is important that the reason for issuing such a statement is a valid one. The medical statement needs to be constructed carefully and lucidly.

Sample Medical Statement

The following Medical Statement has been issued by Dr. Charlie Harper of Grey’s Charity Hospital.

Name of Employee: Alfred Hermes

Name of Company: MANT Corporation Ltd.

Date: 31/4/2011

Medical Statement for Alfred Hermes:

The employee patient, Alfred Hermes, has been suffering from a bronchial infection for the last 2 weeks since 15/4/2011. He has been recommended to bed rest and medication for another 3 weeks. This will disable him from attending the RTOP Convention being held from 4.5.2011 – 6.5.2011. He is still not fully fit and any further strain might cause his infection to worsen further. It is immensely important that he is excused from this Convention and given a 3 week sick leave to get completely healed.

He is currently under TYU 2 and DHP medications which will cause him drowsiness, thereby rendering him unfit for work for at least 3 weeks.