Sample Marketing Statement

A sample marketing statement is a document which outlines the manner in which a certain product shall be marketed by the marketing agency, or the concerned department of the company. It should also highlight the credentials of the product and why it has to be marketed in a certain way. Most commonly, a marketing statement is a document which is used to market or publicize a company or a large establishment to attract initial investment/

Sample Marketing Statement:

The following is the marketing statement prepared by Genesis Marketing Solutions, specifically aimed at marketing our venture, and our aims.

We are: Genesis Market Solutions is a marketing agency which has been launched recently and we aim at easing marketing woes for companies small and large.

Our strengths:

  • Excellent core team of professionals who are highly qualified and well experienced.
  • Admirable performance of individual members of the staff.
  • Our zeal to enter the marketing industry with firmness and sincerity.
  • Our readiness to take up challenges
  • Our respectable portfolio so far [check enclosed documents] is an indication of the success we are capable of achieving.
  • Our moderate fees: Since we have launched recently, our services are more affordable than that of the others in the same field. At reasonable rates, we offer impeccable service to companies looking to sell, market, and publicize their products.
  • Our strong networking skills. We have tied up with reputed media sources, like leading newspapers of the country, leading television networks and so on, to ensure that clients get maximum exposure for their products.

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