Sample Manufacturing Statement

A sample manufacturing statement is a document, the content of which focuses on the manufacturing details of a product. The details may be about anything pertaining to the cost and resources required in the production of the product. Thus the article has to be very specific and clear and it should be developed on the basis of actual records.

Sample Manufacturing Statement

Name of the manufacturing company: Houston Group of Companies

Date of manufacturing statement: 2nd May, 2011

Name of the presenter of manufacturing statement: Amanda Kern

Name of the product: Sports shoes

Expected date of launch: 5th August, 2011

Manufacturing Statements:

1. Statement based on raw materials: The base materials used in the manufacturing are mainly PU and PVC. The use of other materials includes insole, lining, leather, lace, spike, net, cloth and fabric. The sole is made of rubber which is used for better grip on ground.

2. Statement based on labor: The nature of labor used in the manufacturing process is mainly mechanical. The shaping and integrating of shoe parts has been conducted with the help of machines. Human labor is involved in sewing the soles and inserting the laces only.

3. Statement based on overheads: The cost of manufacturing in buying raw materials is calculated to be $50,000 inclusive of all sales taxes, in administering human labor is $70,000 as wages and benefits and in ordering indirect materials like cotton, foam and hand tools is $20,000.

4. Statement based on characteristics: Stability, plasticity, breathability, color permanence and comfort have been sanctioned by the use of good quality ingredients.

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