Sample Legal Statement

Sample legal statement is a document which shows different kinds of legal statement which are more commonly used. It shows a variety of legal statements so that the correct way of framing a legal statement can be observed. It must be written properly and must also be unambiguous.

Sample Legal Statement 1: This legal statement vouches that the deponent, Samantha Rogers, of New York State University, Daughter of Mr. Dan Rogers, will not participate or abet any act of ragging on campus, as framed by the guidelines issued by the University Commission in 2009. The deponent is liable to be punished if there is a violation of the said guidelines.

Sample Legal Statement 2: This work is registered in the name of author Dan Robin. The copyright is dated 2009 and the moral authority of the author is asserted. No part of this book can be subjected to mechanical reproduction or any form of circulation without the express permission of the author.

Sample Legal Statement 3: Johnson and Jimson is registered trademarks of the Johnson and Jimson Company (1956). This trademark can in no way be reproduced or sold without the permission of the concerned authorities.

Sample Legal Statement 4: The links contained in the ALL Entertainment website leads to other websites over which we have no control. Any misuse or misappropriation against links must be reported to concerned authorities.

Sample Legal Statement 5: I, Alice Rogers, will henceforth be known as Alicia Rogers through the affidavit numbered 3645325. All correspondence directed to me shall please note this change.

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