Sample Income Statement

A sample income statement is a document which contains a record of a person’s monthly, quarterly or annual income. It can also provide a record of a company’s annual income and profits. There are many uses of an income statement. It can also be issued by a company as a verification of an employee’s income details for investment purposes or tax assessment.

Sample Income Statement:

Green Field’s Missionary Girls’ Secondary School

Monthly Income Statement

The following is the monthly income statement for the period stipulated below. All efforts have been made to maintain accuracy. In aces of any errors please contact our accounts department [11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays]

Income statement of: Mrs. Rena Gomes

Designation: Assistant Teacher

Monthly income statement for the month: June 2011

Attendance: 28 out of 30 days [93.33%]

Basic monthly salary: Rs 10000 [The monthly income is exclusive of Dearness Allowance or DA and as well as the Pf {Provident Fund} and gratuity.]

Dearness allowance: Rs. 4000

Gratuity and Provident Fund: Rs. 1000

House rent: Rs.100

Money deducted due to absence [excluding medical leave [ML] as well as casual leaves [CL]]: Rs. 200

Important Notice: As per the government circular issued on 21st May 2011, following the new government policy, teachers must report on the days of closing as well as reopening after a long vacation, failing which, the entire duration of the vacation shall be counted as a leave of absence. Money will thus be deducted for the entire period.

Total monthly income: Rs. 14900

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