Sample Financial Statement

A sample financial statement is a document which provides details of financial transactions. It is a record of sorts. It can also be a personal financial statement which can show the income and other financial details of an individual. A sample financial statement must be written with the utmost accuracy. It can be used as reference for investment or tax assessment.

Sample Financial Statement

Financial Statement for Income Tax Assessment 2011

Name of individual: Jimmy Rogers

Financial statement for the period: March 2011 to March 2012

Purpose of financial statement: This financial statement has been issued for the purpose of tax assessment under Section55 (A) of the tax laws of the state. All information provided here is true to the deponent’s knowledge and any misinformation is liable to be penalized unless corrected immediately.

Assets: [Check details of assets in the enclosing document. National savings Certificate numbers, time periods and maturation dates are all entered therein.]

  • Five National Savings Certificates worth $23840000
  • Four Personal Insurances amounting to $1000000
  • Two Medical Insurances worth $30000000
  • One Home insurance worth: $ 100000000

Total annual income in the time period stipulated: $ 100000000

Liabilities: Home loan worth $ 83470000 [A period of ten years remains for the debt to be completely paid]

Car loan worth $10000000 [Will be paid by the end of this year]

No other outstanding debts are present. Credit card bills are paid till 1st February 2011. No complaints have been received from the deponent’s banks. The financial statement is substantiated with attested photocopies of all relevant documents.

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