Sample Employee Statement

A sample employee statement is a document which serves as a guide to the correct method of writing an employee statement. An employee statement is usually written by an employee of a firm or organization to identify and express his objectives as the employee of that company

Sample Employee Statement 1: I plan to utilize my communication skills to the best of my abilities. My sincerity and dedication shall hold me in good stead. I want to participate in the growth of the company in which I work as well as create a well rounded career for myself.

Sample Employee Statement 2: I want to use my degree in Computer Engineering in order to work on creating software that will have a lasting value in a competitive market as well as build up a legacy that will be formidable.

Sample Employee Statement 3: As an employer I want my work to reflect my competence and experience in dealing with important situations. I can troubleshoot at a moment’s notice and thus my expertise shall be my contribution to my work environment.

Sample Employee Statement 4: My knowledge of myriad fields of technology shall be my trump card as an employee in an extremely competitive field of software designing. Not just limiting myself to the narrow parameters of my job, I shall use my skills in graphics, animation and content writing in presenting a complete package.

Sample Employee Statement 5: I want to create a niche for myself as a top chef. I want to combine my creativity and love for food to create innovative menus that please all.

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