Sample Education Statement

A sample education statement is a document which underlines the method by which an education statement needs to be constructed. An education statement is usually prepared by an authorized teacher as an assessment of a student’s academic and non-academic progress. It may also be written by a student expressing his or her academic objectives.

Sample Education Statement 1: My student, Rita Ling, has shown signs of industriousness which is encouraging. However, she still needs some degree of improvement in Mathematics and other allied subjects like Physical Science. However I am pleased with her overall progress as she has improved a lot. We hope that her sincerity and our efforts will yield rich dividends.

Sample Education Statement 2: Samantha Rogers is too academically oriented. While recognizing the distinctiveness of every child, I must emphasize, in her case, a greater participation in extracurricular activities which will only benefit her in the end.

Sample Education Statement 3: I want to pursue research in the subject of the European Renaissance as it is a period that has always fascinated me. I envision my contribution in the field especially in the area of the early printing presses in England.

Sample Education Statement 4: Tamara Johnson needs to work on her communication skills as she lacks the confidence to sustain a conversation or express herself adequately. Giving her the necessary encouragement will not only allow her to develop her speech skills but also instill a sense of self worth into her.

Sample Education Statement 5: Jimmy Brown is a lovely child but he can find greater support in a school catering to children with motor function disabilities. It will be unfair on our part to continue nurturing him when more specialized skill in required.

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