Sample Career Statement

Usually a career statement reflects a person’s objective and employment goals with respect to the industry and organization he or she wish to work at. Therefore, sample career statement should be constructed in such a way so that it must reflect the specific accomplishments and strengths required.

Sample Career Statement 1: I have a plan to secure a recognized position in the food industry by contributing significantly on the production of quality food, analysis of its benefits and marketing it so that it could help the people to eat desirable and nutritious food products.

Sample Career Statement 2: My career plan is to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of education and to become a kind of teacher that would help me to change the life of the students for betterment.

Sample Career Statement 3: My wish is to obtain a managerial position in the food hygiene maintained department of a repute organization. I would try to achieve my goals by accomplishing all the tasks related to this field and planning new reforms in the existing policies so that my organization could provide more improved quality of food to the society.

Sample Career Statement 4: I have a plan to get associated with such a company where my technical support and customer servicing skills would be best explored for achieving the targeted goals of the company.

Sample Career Statement 5: I will acquire an esteemed position in my company in near future by conducting cutting-edge research of the work I am doing and delivering my best performance.

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