Sample Business Statement

A sample business statement is a document which sets out the objectives of an individual or an organization embarking on a new business venture. Thus a sample business statement must be clearly written and it serves as a guide to the fulfillment of the objective contained therein. It must be clear and precise.

Sample Business Statement 1: The new business venture, Vegas Casino, will be based on an initial expenditure of $300000000. It shall be located in prime Las Vegas and be a casino with a difference. It shall cater to an exclusive clientele and admission will be to members only

Sample Business Statement 2: Finance for our new business venture, Sam’s Sushi, will be sourced from our private means as well as the prize money from America’s Top Chef. The winner, Sam Daniel, will be the head chef in this eponymous restaurant. The prize money will be added with the private capital to set up a world class sushi restaurant.

Sample Business Statement 3: Our new business of auto dealership will be located in New Jersey. It is not only an ideal location as permits are easy to come by, it will offer ample scope for expansion as well.

Sample Business Statement 4: The requisite permits for our new business venture of import-export will be obtained within the next month. Applications have been made and tenders quoted. The project shall be underway in the nest month.

Sample Business Statement 5: The consignment of tweed, amounting to 1000 bales, and addressed to Reid’s Suiting will be shipped on 1st of August as per contract. This shall end our contract for the financial year 2011-2012. We hope that the contract shall be renewed after fresh meetings.

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