Sample Bank Statement

A sample bank statement is a document which is issued by a bank and certifies that a certain individual or organization is a registered customer of the bank. A bank statement is often required for identification purposes. It lends a degree of clarification and transparency to one’s dealings and can be used for as an identity proof as well.

Sample Bank Statement

United Bank of America

23 Bond Street

New York

Statement by Bank

Date of issue of bank statement: 1st January 2011

Signature of bank official issuing statement: _________________________________

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that Mr. Jason Rogers has been a customer of United Bank of America [New York branch] for ten years beginning from 2001. He has maintained his account in a satisfactory manner eliciting no complaints from us. He currently has a savings account balance of $10000. His savings account number is 732438483483. This letter has been issued at the request of Mr. Jason Rogers, as a form of identification proof for admission to a college in the United States. He maintains only one account at this bank.

We do not take any responsibility for the personal or moral conduct of the account holder. This statement of bank is an attestation of the account holder’s transparency with regards to his transactions at this bank only. Hence the bank eschews any reasonability in case of any malpractice. United Bank of America wishes Mr. Jason Rogers all the best for his life.

Signature of account holder: ___________________________________

Signature of bank manager: _____________________________________

Bank seal: ________________________________

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