Sample Artist Statement

A sample artist statement is a necessary part of the portfolio of any professional artist and can also help the artist to promote himself and it is also a kind of testimony of the artist. The statement helps to reflect the creativity and integrity of the artist. The artist needs to be expressive while writing his statement and also should write it in such a way so that it sounds effective.

The important aspect required to be mentioned in the artist’s statement is what kind of artistic work the individual does. He also needs to express the best things about his work.

Sample Artist Statement

I am an artist with extreme creative capability and possess the ability to capture a fictional as well as non fictional event in a book or on few pages. I am basically a writer and believe in describing myself as a writer who paints with the help of words. My writings are very descriptive and ideally describe an event visually.

Since childhood I always had this inclination towards creating things and creating stories was one of those aspects. Thus, eventually my passion for writing increased. I started observing the world more closely in order to give an appropriate feel to my writing.

I specialize in writing novels, novellas, transcription, short stories, documentations and short stories. My work has been appreciated in many literary arenas. I have also received number of awards. I believe that this is the only thing I am good at and want to continue this artistic passion for the rest of my life.