Sample Accounting Statement

A sample accounting statement is a document which shows the financial transactions of an account holder of a bank or the monthly or quarterly or even yearly financial transactions of an office. It must be well written. Accuracy and honesty are the two facets of a sample accounting statement. It is an extremely important document.

Sample Accounting Statement:

United Bank

New York

Accounting Statement

To whom it may concern.

This accounting statement is issued by the bank at the request of the account holder. It is an attested document. The bank however, takes no responsibility for any misconduct or misuse of the account which does not fall within the aegis of the bank.

Dates for the period which is being accounted for: 1st July 2011 to 1st August 2011

Name of the account holder: Mrs. Samantha Brown

Type of account: Savings Account

Account number” 3847847586

Entire statement of the account:

Starting balance $1000 [Also known as ledger balance]

Deposit $30000 [For the period stipulated above]

Interest Paid: $10 [By the bank at the current rate of interest determined by the Reserve Bank for savings account holders in nationalized banks]

Withdrawals: None

Service Charges: $50

Present Balance in the account: $30960

There has been no activity in this account in the time period given except for the deposit of S30000. No withdrawals have been made. The account holder is a trusted member of this bank and has maintained her account faithfully over the last five years. We have no complaints to make of her.

Thanking you,

Signature of bank manager: ______________________________

Signature of account holder: _____________________________

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