Sales Statements

A sales statement gives the consumer in a market an idea as to what benefits he or she will receive on purchasing a product or availing a service. It tells the prospects why the particular good should be bought and defines for them the advantages of their prospective buy. In short, a sales statement creates a desire in a hoped-for buyer to know more about and to buy the product.

Many sales statements are flawed and hence remain unsuccessful in their aim of enticing buyers.  Thus it is important, while making a sales statement one must not go by cheap adages which obscurely try to advertise the benefits. Instead, a thorough market research is necessary prior making a sales statement. This shall also enlighten the salesperson as to what the consumer really wants and he shall be able to frame the statement likewise.

However, while drafting a sales statement one should keep a note of the following points:

  • Be clear and precise while at the same time providing the consumer with an all comprehensive view of the product.
  • Do not just advertise, try to be interactive.

State how a particular product will help an individual consumer most and highlight that advantage to the particular buyer.