Sales Vision Statement

A sales vision statement spells out the goals of a particular association, company or an alliance. The statement talks about the main objective of the concerned authority and what it hopes to achieve within a few years. In short, it fixates on the future of the authority concerned. As the statement outlines the aims and ambitions of a company, it should be amply promising and at the same time practicable so that it aids the shareholder, the authority as well as the workers.

Sample Sales Vision Statement:

Vision statement for: At Home restaurant.

Date of submission of statement: 11th January, 2012

Statement prepared by: Robert Gomes and Samuel Woods.

Initial words:

At Home is a three star restaurant on the outskirts of Indiana. It provides services for all and every that can fit into its regulations. It excels in providing cuisine of every origin to make each of its clients feel ‘at home’.

Sales Vision:

In next three years, we expect to have two more stars added to our three star statures and to be one of the best restaurants in the U.S. with the assistance and creativity of several eminent chefs like chef Adam Waters, Chef Anand Williams, Chef Bill Clement and Chef Tiber Jonson, specialising in Italian, Indian, Japanese and Ethiopian cuisines respectively.

Our aspiration: We aim at including into our home within the next five years many other chefs specialised in several other cuisines and, if possible, to expand our business and open a chain of ‘At Home’ in other parts of the world.