Sales Transition Statement

The sales transition statement is created for the main purpose of strategizing different sales tactics for the company. This is all about shifting a sales program to another to make it more effective. This is done by taking into account the needs and requirements of the customer. The customer needs to be primarily focused upon to for such strategies. The statement is created only after interactions with the different consumers.

The transition acts as a sort of plan that will fix those problem areas it faced before. There should be clear demarcation of the problems and advantages from the previous sales tactics and work a way through which the customers and company will both benefit equally. It is important to build trust for the customers. The basic aim is to ensure that there is high revenue generation through direct sales. The statement is essentially for strengthening customer and salesman relations.

Sample Sales Transition Statement

The following is a bridging or sales transition statement created for CUSCO Sports Shoes by Andy Warhol & Co.:

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