Sales Strategy Statement

A sales strategy statement is a document which outlines the model to be followed by the sales department of a company or a business institution for a period of time or for particular products. A sales strategy statement must be clearly defined and each point in the strategy should be either self explanatory or annotated with relevant explanations and information. It should be composed by an individual or a team adapted to the mechanisms of creating a viable and workable sales strategy statement.

Sample Sales Strategy Statement

Sales Strategy created for: Globus Appliances Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of document: 12th June 2012

Sales Strategy

Phase 1: Identification of Customer Needs:

  • This stage is aimed at making the customer aware of his need for a particular gadget or appliance, by making him realize the losses incurred by him for not being a consumer of it.
  • This involves a close analysis of potential customers and their needs.

Phase 2: Laying Options before the Customer:

  • This stage involves the identification of what options the customer has before him. In other words, our competition must be analyzed and their ways of attracting the customer’s attention must be investigated and bettered.
  • This means that we have to understand our customers’ needs better than our competitors.

Phase 3: Analysis of Risk and Final Decision Making

  • This stage is the most important as the client has to be convinced of the viability of buying the products sold by the company.
  • This involves persuasive arguments and a strong pitching on the part of the company too.

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