Sales Statement Template

A sales statement template is a pre-developed layout which allows for specifying the plans regarding sales regulation of a company’s product. This type of layout aids a venture to be prosperous in the selling of their product by essentially chalking out their aims to their prospective customer.

Sample Sales Statement Template

Name of the venture: ________________ (the name of the business whose sales statement is being revealed)

Contact Details: _____________ (Correct telephone no. and/or E-mail ID should be provided)

Intended authority: ____________________ (targeted audience for the particular sales statement)

Date of issue of the sales statement: ___________ (As this statement is actually a record, the date on which it has been revealed must be presented)

This sales statement has been solicited for the goods ________________ (name of the particular goods or service(s)) which is to be brought out by the business on ___________ (date of inauguration of the goods or service in the market) with an aim____________ (specify the benefits of the goods or service or the aim with which it has been released)


Following strictly the rules and regulation of the company, we hereby state that we would like to regulate the sales of the fore-mentioned goods or service(s) through its direct promotion in the market. Also, at an initial stage, we would like to advertise it through the print and visual media. Therefore, the clients and shareholders are cordially welcomed to help to make the venture an enormous success.


Ratification by Authority: ________________ (signature of the authority by whom the sales statement is being brought out)