Sales Statement Letter

A sales statement letter is a document which is addressed to an official, usually of a company or in a position of authority, signaling the aims and objectives of a sales company, a sales representative or a person involved in this field. A sales statement letter must be written with bold strokes since it is a document that forms the first impression of the company concerned.

Sample Sales Statement Letter


The Chief Sales Officer,

Synergy Productions Pvt. Ltd.

34, Redwood Avenue,

New York

Date: 12th June 2012

Subject: Sales Statement

Respected Sir,

This letter is to acquaint you with our response to your tender opened on the 4th of June 2012 [tender number: 345647]. We, Globus Concerns Pvt. Ltd., are immensely interested in obtaining the sales rights of the products manufactured in the Stylus line. Our sales policy is an all encompassing one which takes into account the needs of your company as well as the kind of target audience aimed at by you. We bring to the agreement our years of expertise in handling the sales divisions of major corporate giants over the last ten years. Our brand equity, professional networking skills and goodwill can guarantee an initial start which you will be otherwise hard pressed to obtain.

We hope that you will consider our offer. Our sales statement schema has been attached along with this letter. We can assure you that our performance will be of top notch quality and we hope to ensure that your products reach a wide market. Thanking you,

Daniel Mendoza

Globus Concerns Pvt. Ltd.

New York