Sales Statement Format

Sales statement format is usually used for the pattern of crystallizing the sales regulation of a venture, aimed at a particular consumer class. This kind of record is used for approaching the consumer about a business’ sales objectives concisely in two or three lines.

Sample Sales Statement Format

Business specifics:

This should point out the specifics of the venture by which the sales statement is being modelled for a goods or service(s). This should come at the first stage of the document.

Details of the Intender:

It is important to have a section for revealing the intended authority of the mentioned sales statement record.

Aim of the venture:

It is essential to state the aim of the venture to its prospective consumers and also mention how it is in tune with the sales objectives they have considered. This would help to create a precise and comprehensive image so as to the plan the venture.

Role of the Sales statement:

The document should amply, but in a refined manner, highlight the role of promoting the precise sales statement to the targeted patrons. This should bring out amply the nature of the particular statement as well.

Sales Statement:

A well-researched sales statement has to be made which would serve as an important tool for enticing consumers or investors or for gaining sufficient funds. It should be assured that the sales goals are practicable and credible enough for investors to believe in them and the authority to carry them out.


The statement must be authorized by the respective authority.