Sales Statement Example

A sales statement example is a document which outlines the purpose of the sales division, policy and management of a certain company or business enterprise. It should highlight the purpose behind devising a sales strategy and provide a workable solution to technical or other problems. A sales statement example must clearly show what is to be expected of such a document and the structural layout it should incorporate.

Sample Sales Statement Example:

The following is the sales statement for:

Company: Organizers Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd.

Period: March 2000 to June 2000

Submitted by: Dina Michel, Chief Officer of Sales

Submitted to: Kumar Roy, Managing Director, Organizers Travels and Tours Pvt. Ltd

Date of submission: 15th July 2012

Parameters Considered Amount

[in Million USD]

Cost of operation and maintenance 30 [This season beginning from March 2000 to June 2000 has shown a slight dip in profit percentage owing to the cancellation of three fully booked packages due to inclement weather conditions and Cyclonic storms in many parts of the United States. We hope to recover from this loss by the next season which promises to be a busy one as far as the advance booking indicate]
Royalties to be paid to partner hotels and agents 10
Revenue generated from organized tours in this period 80
Revenue generated from publicity and advanced bookings for next season 10
Interest to be paid 15
Amount earned before tax deduction 35
Total TDS deducted 20
Net profit obtained in said period 15

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