Sales Revenue Income Statement

A sales revenue income statement is a document which outlines the revenue generated by a company or a business organization, or any concern, through the sale of its products over a particular period of time. In other words, this statement is an account of revenue earned through sales, and it must be concise and comprehensive. It should ideally be prepared by officials in charge of the sales divisions of companies who are aware of the nitty-gritty of the income generated from sales.

Sample Sales Revenue Income Statement:

The following is the sales revenue income statement for Andrea’s Pizzeria over the duration of March 2012 to June 2012.  [All prices are in terms of USD]

Items chiefly sold: Novelty pizzas, Pastas from the Spice Route line, instant food products like Andrea’s Sauces and Salads.

Sales revenue income statement compiled by: Daniel Agger, Presiding Officer-Sales, Andrea’s Pizzeria.

Date of submission of sales revenue income statement: 23rd July 2012

Statement submitted to: Jennifer Goodman, Managing director, Andrea’s Pizzeria Pvt. Ltd.

  • Revenue derived from sales: 45 Million
  • Cost of the production of items sold: 10 Million
  • Cost of administration, publicity, distribution and networking: 10 Million
  • Expenses incurred as interest: 5 Million
  • Total revenue generated before income text deduction: 20 Million
  • Amount paid as income tax: 10 Million

Total revenue generated for the period of March to June 2012: 10 Million

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