Sales Report Statement

A sales report statement is a document which contains a survey of the sales returns or revenue generated from the sale of a particular item or product. It thus contains an overview of the financial profits or losses incurred by the company over certain duration. The report must be supplemented by charts and graphs which can provide a visual representation of the data contained in the report. The report must be written free of errors, and all care should be taken to include verified information only. The report must be written by a professional.

Sample Sales Report Statement:

Sales report statement created by: Adfire Pvt. Ltd.

Sales report statement created for: Synergy Wholesale Distributors Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission: 13th June 2012

Sales report statement prepared for: May 2012

Product Description Quantity Sold

[In metric tonnes]

Amount Generated

[Million USD]

Whole grains 40 12
Beverages 39 23
Fresh fruits 34 45
Fresh vegetables 17 22
Fish and seafood 45 12
Poultry 44 12
Sales Report

  • The sales of our produce for the month of May has exceeded expectations and we have registered a net profit of 10 million USD after deducting operational costs, income tax and other miscellaneous costs.
  • Contrary to established tradition, maximum profit has been obtained in the fresh fruits section. We hope this trend will continue.
  • This document is supplemented with a detailed dossier on the exact figures of the sales report. For that document please contact us at: 34454535 or visit our offices in 34 Marloweton Avenue, New York.