Sales Purpose Statement

The sales purpose statement is a mission statement is created so that marketing professionals can define and outline the sort of sales that will benefit the consumers and the company. This should be a brief statement wherein the salesperson needs to describe what the purpose of the product is, what the objective of selling this product will achieve and how it will achieve the company, salesperson and the consumer as a whole.

It is important to ensure that the statement achieves the salesperson’s personal goals along with the company’s objectives. This is supposed to provide a picture for the long run wherein the sales revenue, the marketing and the impact on the company can be envisions. It prepares the company and the marketing professionals with what to expect. The consumers too are made aware of what the product will bring to them as well.

Sample Sales Purpose Statement

Name of Company: JK R Mobiles Co.

Product Name:  Galaxy JK Note

Marketing Details:

  • The product has been launched on 7.6.2011
  • It functions as a mobile phone as a multipurpose notebook
  • It has been branded and have been sold under the company logo

Sales Purpose Statement:

The Marketing department has put forth the following statement for the company investors and internal consumers:

The product, Galaxy JK Note, has been created specifically to counter the HJYU Galaxy Note that was launched by the HJYU Mobiles Ltd. The competition has reduced sales of the company by 1.3% and hence, there was a need to counter and get back the target market share for the company.

The consumers will highly benefit from the amazing features provided including 3G which the HJYU Galaxy Note does not feature. Along with this, the price range has been kept in accordance with the middle class consumers. There is an expectation to retain and increase sales profits.