Sales Positioning Statement

The sales positioning statement is used to qualify and close a sale. This implements the products values and benefits. It should also connect with the problems that are faced and efforts made to solve the problems by the company. It can be a difficult job to create an effective statement without first having all the information. This information can be collected by asking the right questions related to the company.

This statement is not just about the service but also about the company. It should elaborate on the benefits of the product and also state why the product is better than the ones sold by other companies. It should be able to instantly connect with the customers. There should be a personal touch provided to the statement without making it informal. The information collected and the company resources should all be mentioned in the statement that will enlighten the customers about the present and future of the company.

Sample Sales Positioning Statement

The sales Positioning statement has been created for the product Eau de Cologne manufactured by TYU Rose Co.


Introducing the new and improved fragrance Eau de Cologne created for those who prefer their days to be fresh and fragrant throughout the day. This perfume lasts for over 12 hours a day and hence, every working woman can now go about her day without worrying about body odor.

You should look out for:

  • The amazing introductory price of only $35.99 on purchases made within 4.5.2012
  • The free moist toilette roll from TYU Rose Co. on buying this product
  • The free sampler which you can try out before purchasing the product

This product takes all its ingredients from the Amazon rain forest and hence, all of it is fresh and natural and suits all sorts of skin types.