Sales Objective Statement

A sales objective statement is a document which highlights the reasons for which an individual aspires to join the field of sales. It should be clear and comprehensive document which shall be judged by authorities in the relevant field, when the aspirant seeks a job or professional growth. It is a statement of intent of sorts and must be written correctly. Maximum emphasis must be placed on the aspirant’s skills in the job so that the sales objective statement can be believable and impressive.

Sample Sales Objective Statement:

Name of the aspirant: Jimmy Timothy Samuels

Date of birth: 13th June 1988

Educational Qualifications: Graduate in Mass Communication from Wisconsin University

Purpose of sales objective statement: This statement has been written in reply to a request for such a document by the Sales Department Head, Light Bulb Solutions Pvt. Ltd., regarding the promotion of one employee to the position of Chief Staff Manager, Sales.

Sales Objectives:

  • To utilize my educational qualification in Mass Communication to the most, by establishing a network of communication with clients that will result in greater sales returns.
  • To create a team of sales workers who can be motivated by my hard work and sincerity. I hope to encourage newcomers in the field and explain the basics of sales through my 15years of experience in this area.
  • To allow my own career to expand and soar as the position being offered by the Sales department is a coveted one.

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