Sales Mission Statement

Mission statements talk about the role and importance of a venture. The statements are concise, and underline the main perspective as to the role of the venture in a concise and systematic format. Every venture or institution must have a mission statement. The mission statement is always underlined in the campaigning for the goods or service of the venture, in its brochure and on its official website.

Sample Sales Mission Statement:

Name of the venture: Pedestrian shoes

Mission statement prepared on: 21st June, 2011

Statement prepared by: Gabrielle Felton, Manager, Pedestrian shoes.


Pedestrian shoes produce and sell shoes ranging from slippers and party footwear to sports and executive footwear. It has been in market since 2000 and has shown promising results receiving positive feedback from clients and experts. We try to achieve our goals in as less time as possible and devise plans accordingly, which help us to achieve our missions.

Mission Statement:

  • Excellent designs in high quality footwear of the latest fashions are provided by us which has made us a brand in the milieu of footwear.
  • Our mission is to consult medical experts in order to manufacture shoes which help people exercise as they walk to their daily destinations.
  • We aim to expand our business outside the States.

Work Agenda:

  • The main agenda we resort to is to ensure that our raw materials are of the best quality and that our workers work efficiently in a good work ambience.
  • We have also sought alliance with the print media to endorse our brand.