Sales Financial Statement

The sales financial statement is created by companies to assess the total revenue for a given period of time. This is essential for assessing the profitability of the company. The statement takes into account the expenses and the revenue earned and the difference that enables the company to determine whether it has earned profit or loss. It is, therefore, important for companies to enter the figures correctly. New companies create sales financial statement more frequently so as to ensure steady running of the company. This statement also allows the business to make necessary changes in its process so as to increase revenue.

Sample Sales Financial Statement:

The Sales financial statement has been created by Grubs Analyzers Ltd.

Name of Company: W R NEW Pvt. Ltd.

Sales Financial Statement for the year: 2011-2012

Date: 3/4/2012

Purpose of Financial Statement: W R NEW Pvt. Ltd requires keeping track of the annual expense and revenue made and to ensure the credit worthiness to old and potential investors. Total Annual

Revenue for the year 2011-2012: $ 2,43,3330

Income for the year 2011-2012:

  • Payment Received from Purchasers: $110,000
  • Insurance Premium: $ 100,000
  • Total Shares: $ 54,000 ($10/share)

Expenses for the year 2011-2012:

  • Supplier payments: $12,000
  • Bank Payments: $13,000
  • Property Mortgage payment: $20,000
  • Income Tax: $5,000

Unaccounted Revenue and Expenses:

  • W R NEW is also expected to receive payment of $40,000 from CTT Co. for supply made on 4.3.2011.
  • WR NEW must make payments of $25,000 to OPERATES Corp. for the supply of equipment received on 5.12.2011.