Sales Benefit Statement

The sales benefit statement is created for customers for the purpose of enlightening them on the features of the product that will benefit them if they do purchase it. This is a sales tactics that are used by salespeople for convincing the consumer to buy the item. This is a very tricky job since it entails understanding the customer’s reactions, their likes, dislikes and other prospects that the customer is looking forward to. The statement needs to be direct. It is important not to make it verbose but to briefly mention the product benefits.

This should be able to motivate the customers enough to purchase the product. An effective statement should appeal to all the customer’s desires. This can feature offers, discounts, delivery offers, usage value etc. A sales benefit statement should be able to convey the required information to the customer and thus strengthen the relationship between the company and the customer.

Sample Sales Benefit Statement

Product Name: The God of Small Things by A. Roy

Product Type: Book

Purchases from/ Company Name:

Sales Benefits Statement:

The God of Small Things is a highly coveted book that has won critical and commercial fame since its release in 2004. The book has also recently won the Pulitzer Prize in 2008.

If you order this book from our website, you will not only get:

  • 15% discount on the original price of $10.00
  • Free home delivery to select locales
  • Cash back guarantee of $3
  • Easy cash on delivery system
  • Free CAT ON A HAT bookmarks and a complimentary ball-point pen

You will also get a free coupon worth 25 points which you can use on your next purchase. This will enable you to get $1 off on the purchase besides the actual discount price offered on the book.