Safety Vision Statement

Companies that deal in manufacturing or construction, pose a threat to its employees while on work. A good company defines a safety vision statement which is targeted at the safety of its employees. A safety vision acts like a motivational tool which enables employees to work harder.

A safety vision must communicate the values of the company. It should be short and effective and should be directed towards workplace safety success motivating the employees to work harder. The statement should not only talk about reducing loss at workplace due to accidents but also promote safety ownership.

Sample Safety vision statement 1:

Safety is our highest value.  We look forward to the safe working conditions for all those who are with us. We will seek out to correct all unsafe situations within the organization. Every member of this organization is expected to promote a safe working environment.

Sample Safety vision statement 2:

Working without injury is our highest value. We aim to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all those associated with us. Their safety is our primary goal.  Every member of the organization is expected to actively participate in helping to maintain a safe and secure culture.

Sample Safety vision statement 3:

Lives of our members is very important to us, hence we strive to provide maximum safety to our members within the organization. Our organization is successful because of our hard working workforce, their lives and safety is our main concern; therefore we promote workplace safety within our organization.