Risk Management Statement

Risk management statement is the one in which a company shows all the possible risks which are being faced by them, in form of statements. Here a particular group in a company comprising the head of the department and other team members working under him forms the list of risks which can possibly be faced by the organization.

These risks conform to different areas such as marketing or executing a project, sometimes problems concerning outward goods in forms of transportation or environment. Then they try to come up with possible solutions for these risks in organized manner and point out the conditions of improving the risk in form of proper steps that are to be followed by the management.

Sample Risk Management Statement:

Name of the company: PVC limited.

Head of the risk management team: Bernard William (chief executive officer)

No. of members under the management: 6

Report based on: internal and external audit

Date:  June 14, 2012

Email id: pvclimited@gmail.com

Risk statement:

The risk management and control policies for the year 2011-12 are given by us on 14th June. Our company has formed various risk management policies which includes the areas of internal and external audit. Our members are very precise in stating some of the great risks which the company may have to face in the following year. We have covered all the areas which may come to harm and at the same time, we have tried to account all the possible solutions that would be necessary to follow by the company in future.

Some of these areas belonging to internal audit are occupational health and safety, financial accounting, human resource, security policies and trading units. In case of external audit our policies are based on safety measures and communication with other companies. All these policies cover the necessary areas where the possible risks can be controlled.

Yours faithfully

Bernard William

Chief executive.