Retail Resume Statement

The basic premise of the retail resume statement should be to highlight the strengths and core competencies of an individual in the retail environment or industry. The retail industry is different in many ways from other industries as the probability of face to face interaction with a client is extremely high. Hence, knowledge of customer services and support functions is a must for those applying in the retail industry. This is exactly the reason why the retail resume statement should highlight experience related to customer service functions and focus on the knowledge of the candidate in various areas of retail management and business operations of a store. To make the retail resume statement effective, it is advisable to include only the core competencies and experience.

Sample Retail Resume Statement 1: I offer an experience spread across product and service retail industry and is complemented by skills in various facets of retail operation including managing store functions, managing profit and loss for a retail outlet, managing teams, handling customer service and support functions, implementing a visual merchandising program, ensuring inventory control and meeting monthly, quarterly, or annual targets of the retail store.

Sample Retail Resume Statement 2: I present my experience in the retail industry and expertise in handling core and non-core retail functions including managing teams and motivating them to achieve their sales targets, playing an important role in increasing efficiency, facilitating vendor and client requirements, using information and technology towards planning and growth, and ensuring high quality standards.

Sample Retail Resume Statement 3: Experience and knowledge are the two key areas of my growth strategy and I would like to use them for enhancing the sales of a retail store effectively and also ensure that key objectives of growth are met within the specified timeframe.