Retail Business Statement

A retail business statement is a document which outlines the philosophy, intentions and goals of a retail business outfit. It must be comprehensive and clear. A straightforward vision lends a degree of credibility to a retail business enterprise. The business statement must also be pragmatic in that the goals which it outlines must be achievable. The retail business statement is the document on which the first impressions about the business will be formed, and hence it must be very impressive.

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Sample Retail Business Statement:

Retail Business Statement

Download Retail Business Statement

Name of retail business: Shopper’s Heaven Pvt. Ltd.

Retail business enterprise a product of: Garments Inc.

Expected time of establishment: 20th March 2013

Nature of retail business: This business shall be a retail business outlet dealing specifically in garments, and catering to clients of all ages.

Our purposes and goals:

  • We hope to become one of the most successful retail business outfits dealing with garments. We hope to offer shoppers a complete retail experience when it comes to buying clothes for the family.
  • We shall offer, in the same giant store, collections that will cater to people of all age groups and hence shoppers will not have to frequent different stores for buying garments for different age groups.
  • We shall offer excellent quality at comparatively reasonable prices. We intend to attract customers through exciting promotional deals, without compromising on the quality of our items as excellence shall always remain our strength.

Date of launch of retail business outlet: 12th February 2013

Store location: 56 Kensington Avenue, London

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