Resume Statements

The resume statements are used in the resumes or in the curriculum vitae of the individuals. They are helpful in casting an impression on the concerned authority. The resume statements vary from individual to individual. A number of factors are responsible for different kinds of resume statements. The resume statements can also be distinctly categorized according to the need of the individual, as explained under –

Resume statements for fresher:

  • A fresh undergraduate or a graduate who is seeking job has a resume statement mainly based on the aesthetic value of his recently completed studies.
  • The resume statement in this case focuses on his/her eagerness to contribute to the new position which he/she hopes to attain.

Resume statements for young/mid-career professionals:

  • In this case, the resume statements are based on the professional career of the individuals in their respective domains of work.
  • The concerned individuals try to project themselves, via the statements, their readiness to handle work singularly or in a team that they cite with examples in the later part of the resume.

Resume statements for senior officials:

  • It is important, but not so in magnitude as in the previously mentioned cases.
  • The vast work experience has got the weight that shifts away the focus from the statement.
  • Still, a brief mentioning of the work ethics of the individual in the statement is very important.

The resume statements have certain features that are required to be taken into account at the time of their preparation. If these are designed in a tidy manner, the resume becomes appears to be more wholesome and impressive, to say the least. Few of those features are –

  • A resume statement must be concise in format and/or length.

It should be written in lucid language and must bear the objective of the individual.


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